Take the Faff out of Organising Your Sport

It can be a real hassle emailing or texting your players to try and organise your game. Who's turning up? Who's dropped out? Have we enough players this week? There must be an easier way to do this. Well, there is...

Set up your group on Amiplaying and it's a breeze. Invite your regulars to join and schedule your games. As each event comes around, your players sign up and an email reminder helps everyone remember. Players are automatically selected under your control. Use the sports wire to pick teams and write match reports.

...And we don't stop at football. If you play any team sport, train with other people, run a sports class or you just want to schedule your regular sporting activity, we can help.

Connect with Other Players and Sports Partners

If you're looking to play you can search for groups or sports partners in your area. Fill out your profile so others can find you. Groups can search for local players, coaches and referees.

Build your list of contacts from your groups, other groups in your area, past members you want to keep in touch with, sports centre staff where you play, running partners, gym buddies - basically anybody you know involved in sport. Share photos and videos on your sports wire. Your sports community is right here.

The Company

We are committed to increasing sports participation by helping groups organise their recreational sport and connecting people with other players and sports partners. We want to help people develop a sporting habit for life.

We launched Amiplaying back in 2005 to help people manage their sports goups, clubs, teams and societies. We've earned a reputation for providing a secure service with robust event scheduling and reliable email reminders and are the number one Web site helping teams organise their games. When you choose a service to manage your group, you need to know it will do the job well and be doing it in a few years down the road. Let us organise your group, you enjoy the sport!

We are based in London and our servers are hosted in Cambridge, UK by the Mythic Beasts who, despite their name, continue to provide one of the most reliable Web hosting platforms on the market, and we aren't being paid to say that!

If you'd like to get in contact with us, please use our Web form or email us directly at .

It's always nice to receive some good feedback. If you'd like to add your own please get in touch. Here are a few appreciated remarks.
"Amiplaying has totally transformed the way in which we manage our 5 and 7 a side football. We have a pool of 60 players and 2 matches a week. We used to take a lot of time sending emails to confirm games, collating names of people who wanted to play, and then of course replacing people when people drop out. Amiplaying literally does it for us and saves a huge amount of time. It is simple to navigate. To be honest, I am not sure how we would manage without it now."
- Tobias Morris, Pitshanger Parkers
"We enrolled our football team with Amiplaying at the start of the year. This is something we should have done ages ago as it has taken a lot of the pain out of organising an amateur sports event. It's easy to use, and everyone knows where they are with the site."
- Gary Little, NRI United
"An excellent site for finding games and for organising your players. When you set up your team it automatically emails all your players each week so they can sign up to play. It saves us 100s of emails and phone calls by organising it all for us. We've also used it to recruit new players when we've been short. Well worth a go just to save the organising hassle!"
- Paul Baxendale, Thursday Footie