Privacy Policy
Updated 16th September, 2012

Acknowledgment And Acceptance Of Privacy Policy

We protect the privacy of our users' personal information. You should read this in conjunction with our terms of use, of which this privacy policy forms a part.

Use of the Amiplaying Web site and associated services implies acceptance of this privacy policy. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of this policy, please do not continue to use the Web site and services. This policy may change from time to time and you are deemed to have accepted the current version each time you visit the site.

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or if you wish to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you, contact us here. Please note that by law we are entitled to charge you a small sum for providing this information. We are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, registration number Z2905959.

Emails From Amiplaying

We will not send you unsolicited emails. However there are some emails that we may need to send you to provide you with a good service. These include:

  1. All Users

    • Confirmation emails which are sent to your email address to confirm it.
    • Contact request emails when another user adds you as a contact (*).
    • Notification emails when you receive a message from another user (*).
    • Group invitation emails when your are invited to a new group (*).
    • Password reset emails if you have forgotten your password.
    • Administrative emails from Amiplaying.
    • Suspension emails if you break the house rules.
  2. Group Members

    • Group removal emails if you are removed from a group by the group owner (*).
    • Event reminder emails if you don't sign up by the event reminder time.
    • Selection emails listing the selected players when an event closes.
    • Event record reminder emails to the group organisers.

You can choose to disabled emails marked (*) in your preferences.


The site design requires the use of cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser on your device. They allow Web sites to store user preferences such as login information.

We use the following cookies:


    This is created after you log in. It is a temporary session cookie containing encrypted information about your login session. Your browser should automatically remove this cookie when you exit the browser or when you log out.


    This stores your chosen language for the next time you visit the site. This persistent cookie has an expiry of 100 days and will be stored on your browser.

  3. Third Party Cookies

    In addition third party services we use may set their own cookies.


We use SSL to encrypt your password when you login, register, confirm your password to activate your account, add alternative emails to your account, change your password and reset your password.

The Information We Collect

  1. All Site Visitors

    Our Web servers produce logs of each page request in the NCSA combined format. This format includes, amongst other things, your IP address, browser type and the URL you are accessing. Log files are not kept indefinitely.

  2. Registered Users

    When you register with Amiplaying, we store your email address(es), first and last name and your password in an encrypted form. The rest of your profile information is optionally provided by you. You can control who sees what in your profile privacy. In addition we store your IP address and browser type.

Sharing, Use And Location Of Information

We will not supply your personal data to a third party for commercial use, and we will not sell the list of our users' email addresses to a third party.

Once you have registered, your personal information will only be available to other users if you choose to share it with them. You have full control over your profile privacy. All groups and their corresponding venue details, description, average member age and number of members split by gender will be available to users looking to contact a group in their area. They can apply to join a particular group, however they can only join by invitation.

Amiplaying may include interactive advertising for other businesses. We may use, and provide to third parties, anonymised demographic data provided by our users to target this advertising more appropriately.

The personal information held by us is held on and processed by computers situated in the United Kingdom.

Cancelling Your Account

If you want to cancel your Amiplaying account, please contact us here.


We have security measures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally. However you must keep your password secret, ensure nobody else uses your account and log out from the service when you are not using it.

Links To Third Party Sites

Note that Amiplaying may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content, of those Web sites.

Disclosure For Legal Reasons

We reserve the right to communicate such user's personal information as we hold to third parties which seek the disclosure of it, and which make a legally-compliant request for its disclosure.